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Current: Corona as Culture Boost!

The pandemic is putting corporate cultures to the test. Established home office working will probably become "normal" even after the pandemic. On the other hand, people are social creatures, and almost no one wants to be permanently isolated in a home office. Hybrid models will be in demand, especially for managing presence and digital.

But a crisis also brings people together, which is a huge opportunity for employer branding. 

Various studies show that a high number of employees feel a stronger team spirit and a higher appreciation of it. A more pronounced attachment to the company is also noticeable. These values show that employees have perhaps never been as receptive to words and deeds as they are at this time. One thing is clear: work is far too diverse for there to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, teams need to engage in dialogue and talk together about the future form of collaboration that works best for them. The Corona pulse measurement of the Denkwerkstatt is the first step. There will probably never be a return to the way things were before.

From Denkwerkstatt editorial office