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The Silicon Valley Mindset

Mario Herger, 2016

The Silicon Valley Mindset by Mario Herger, Plassen, 2016. An Austrian intellectual goes to Silicon Valley, lives and works there, and after ten years writes a book about it. The goal: to advise European companies on how to bring a start-up culture into their business. He describes in very fresh language that about 40 percent of the approximately 30,000 start-ups in California are founded by immigrants. Many of these founders were considered nerds, know-it-alls, nerds, uncool outsiders in their countries of origin and were ostracized accordingly. Once they arrive in Silicon Valley, they meet people with similar biographies and, often for the first time, understanding. Sheldon, Leonard, Amy Farrah and Howard, for example, feel comfortable for the first time. Big Bang Theory as a mass phenomenon. They meet like-minded people and set to work to make the world a better place. Conclusion: Interesting insight into the work culture of Silicon Valley.