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The fearless organization

Amy C. Edmondson, 2020

The fear-free organization - How to create psychological safety in the workplace for more development, learning and innovation by Amy C. Edmondson, Vahlen, 2020. In recent years, hardly any management book or other publication has been able to get by without mentioning the need for more innovation and a new style of leadership at eye level. We have also been dealing with leadership at eye level (or lateral leadership and management) for many years and have accompanied many corresponding culture change processes in organizations. Edmondson describes in a readable way and, above all, with many studies, to what extent Psychological Safety is relevant in the creation of corresponding cultures and what high significance it fundamentally plays for success and for top performance. Psychological security leads to people getting involved and, if necessary, making critical comments or even questioning things. Psychological security means that people are listened to and that their comments are treated with respect. However, this does not mean that it is only about a feel-good atmosphere, but also about becoming successful. For example, the author differentiates in the error culture between avoidable failure, complex failure and intelligent failure. Managers should react differently here - but always see the mistake or failure as a learning opportunity. In contrast to the other two types of failure, intelligent failure is always the (unintended) consequence of a well thought-out venture into new territory. A highly recommendable and - also due to the many source references - well-founded book, which also gives practical implementation tips.