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Shaping digital transformation in the company

Oliver Gassmann, Philipp Sutter, 2016

Shaping Digital Transformation in the Enterprise: Business models, success factors, action guidelines, case studies by Oliver Gassmann and Philipp Sutter, Hanser, 2016. The book was written by professors at the University of St. Gallen. Class is the reflection that the science enterprise has been analog until now. All incentive systems in universities would run against digital excellence. In the middle of the book, a concept is presented that advocates sharing research results interdisciplinarily as crowd science. We have not read that before. Otherwise, the book unfortunately remains vague in headings and very vague language. Unfortunately, this also applies to the 20 case studies from companies. Conclusion: Anyone interested in getting an overview of the topic of digitization at this level can pick up the book. For all those who have to and want to implement digitization in the company, it is not very suitable.