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TED Talks: The Art of Public Speaking

Chris Anderson, 2017

TED Talks: The Art of Public Speaking. The official handbook by Chris Anderson, Fischerverlag, 2017. Ever since man walked this earth, the spoken word has had a special significance. Before the printing press changed the world, "rhetoric" was part of the educational canon. Today, even elementary school children are asked to make presentations. But the art of the spoken word is unfortunately not taught. Presentations have become an indispensable part of modern business and management life. Everyone is faced with the situation of having to speak in front of an audience. But how do you give a great speech? At seminars, you learn something about the structure, etc., and yet something is often missing here.At the well-known TED conferences, speakers present a wide variety of topics in a clear, exciting and understandable way. As a listener you are more informed, moved and thoughtful afterwards. We enthusiastically watch some TED talks over and over again on YouTube as well. In this book, Chris Anderson describes how the best TED speakers in the 21st century build and design their talks. Both the "classic" presentation and the power of free speech are addressed. The book is not to be read as a strict set of rules, but gives many interesting suggestions and ideas on how to give better talks and do justice to the audience, who give you something very valuable: Your attention and time. Let's be responsible with it!