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Basically, we are in a revolution right now.

A sentence that raises question marks. A statement that has many perspectives. Digitalization is changing the way we live and work. Is the digital revolution then actually a cultural revolution? Questioning and questioning is in the DNA of Denkwerkstatt. We do that a lot and with pleasure. We would like to share these thoughts, the questioning with our readers.

We find special company stories that are sources of inspiration. We present courageous managers who have already set out to move something new. We talk about innovation, because that means constant questioning and daring to experiment. We think about the development in Germany from an industrial society to a knowledge society and ask ourselves how ready we are for this. How powerful is top management and why is measuring excellence and top performance a rather sensitive topic in this context?

Denkwerkstatt thoughts to inspire!

Working in production in self-responsible teams - is that possible?

Case studies from companies that have embarked on the journey.... Frederic Laloux raved about FAVI, a foundry in France, in his book 'Reinventing Organizations`. Workers worked autonomously without bosses. Then the 2020 news: the company is returning to a classic hierarchical way of working after 37 years due to a change in ownership. The owner wanted to return to more [...]

Corporate culture challenge: Bringing people back together after Corona!

Since March 2020, leadership and collaboration have changed dramatically in all organizations. Presence has become digital, small talk in the kitchen is a thing of the past, online winetastings have replaced company outings, meeting platforms are booming, and workdays (and nights) are meticulously scheduled. At first glance, this looks like desirable efficiency, but a second look reveals the other side of the coin. Longer [...]

People-Data: The most important data comes from people!

Corporate management is increasingly being judged on its contribution to sustainability. To evaluate this, you need figures and people. More precisely: people data. Because the most important data of the future comes from people, and corporate culture plays a significant role in this. Denkwerkstatt provides empirically evaluated and tailor-made instruments for measuring culture and top performance in companies.

Culture: Economic success and excellent organizational culture are siblings!

Corporate culture pays off. This is confirmed by the global study conducted by Heidrick Consulting 2021, which surveyed 500 CEOs around the world and came to the following concise conclusion: companies that want to grow and prosper should focus above all on a good corporate culture. A survey of 500 CEOs worldwide, including 50 from large German companies, shows: Companies whose bosses put corporate culture first [...]

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Workshop Words - under this motto, we regularly invite innovative guests who enjoy discussing business and society with us in a controversial way.

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