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Shaping communication - achieving breakthroughs

External communication is a focus for every company. Makes sense - after all, external perception determines success, sales and the development of share prices.

External perception can be controlled. But the culture in a company cannot simply be defined and shaped. Culture is conceived and created by people, but it is only when culture is lived it becomes a living, visible and tangible corporate culture. 
That is why cultural change requires a high degree of openness and transparency. Cultural change needs inward openness, dialog, networking and exchange.

Culture change is about seeing change as an opportunity.

Saying goodbye to what you love and what you are used to. Make decisions on your own responsibility, go new ways, experiment with technology. Set an example of change, think freely and express your opinion openly. Learning from mistakes, openly sharing experiences and knowledge. This requires a great deal of courage and trust in management - and trust in employees. The goal is to bring everyone along on this journey, to inspire them. The goal is also to present this change to the outside world. This not only requires good communication - it must also be consistently implemented and effectively staged.
Implementation is much more than a media "kick-off."

"You can come up with the best strategy in the world-The implementation is 90% of it". Alfred Brittain, Bankers Trust

Who are we? How do we want to work? How do we live our new and old values? What story do we want to tell? All of this is part of a cultural change process. And this is not possible without appropriate communications work and the development of meaningful communications measures - both internally and externally. After all, the corporate culture is a decisive factor when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent.

Communication is a corporate value.

Every successful corporate culture has a positive communication culture. Communication is therefore an essential key to the success of a culture change. But this is precisely what is neglected in most culture change initiatives. Communication is a value that determines the success or failure of the corporate culture - and thus also the economic success. And this is not about rhetoric!

Denkwerkstatt accompanies communication processes with a complete team: We provide interim support and support the communications department in all areas during the period of cultural change. With everything from classic marketing, design, web design, web programming, PR as well as a film team for image and product films and audio productions. 

Case Study

Case Study: solidian Gmbh


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