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Qualify management - analog and digital

Timely employee retention and development is an important factor for a company to attract and retain talent.

We have been organizing seminars for executives for over 20 years. In doing so, we convey scientific findings from the social sciences paired with our experience as executives. This sets us apart from many trainers who are able to convey the experience gained from their personal leadership practice, but who usually do not have profound scientific knowledge.

As companies have to learn to reorganize themselves in times of digital transformation in order to be successful, we are also adapting our seminar content to developments in business and society. Our book EdTech in companies: Learning as the key to innovation and growth in times of digitalization for example, shows which learning concepts are contemporary and fit for the future. We explain how companies and employees can make themselves fit for the future in education management and organizational consulting. In our now 2nd edition of Lateral Management: The Principle of Success for Companies in the Digital Age we dedicate ourselves to contemporary forms of leadership, learning and collaboration.

And about our Online Campus organizations have the opportunity to complete our seminars online. Those who want to train many managers and employees at the same time will appreciate the scaling possibilities via this digital platform. Of course, we can make seminars created individually for your company available via our platform in a password-protected manner.

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Personnel development at the highest level


Measure peak performance

Many things are measured in companies. Measuring top performance in top management tends to be a taboo subject.

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Develop organizational culture

In order to be successful in the future, organizations must adapt their corporate culture to the new world of work. 

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Design communication

Cultural change comes about through participation and communication. And that makes up the bulk of a successful cultural project!

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"The door to paradise remains sealed by the Word Risk"
Niklas Luhman