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Corona pulse measurement

The biggest challenge for organizational culture in 2021: Reunite the people after Corona!

Since March 2020, leadership and collaboration have changed dramatically in all organizations. Presence has become digital, small talk in the kitchen is a thing of the past, online winetastings have replaced company outings, meeting platforms are booming, and workdays (and nights) are meticulously scheduled. At first glance, this looks like desirable efficiency, but a second look reveals the other side of the coin. Longer screen-based working hours, increased work intensity, the number and length of meetings increases exponentially, because talking in passing is no longer possible, homeschooling of children as a side show, lack of space, loneliness in isolation, an increasing number of mental illnesses among employees, scarce or enormously changed communication. All of this leaves its mark on people, teams, and therefore on companies. The pandemic puts corporate cultures to the test: "What has changed and how do I adapt the new circumstances to my corporate culture in order to actually be close to my employees?"

 Unusual times require short-term action and proximity to the base. Listen in is the magic word. The impulse measurement asks which interpersonal changes have been perceived since the start of the pandemic and where the company can provide support.
With the corona pulse measurement of the Denkwerkstatt, there is now an instrument to develop a tailor-made catalog of measures for companies.



Lateral management

Individual concepts for culture change in companies.
No matter how brilliantly a corporate strategy is formulated, if the corporate culture opposes it, it cannot be successfully implemented.

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The tool for measuring corporate culture. Freely adapted from Peter Drucker "Only what can be measured can be managed".

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Seminars and workshops

With individual and scientifically based formats for excellent personnel development.

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Measuring peak performance with the PEAK-A battery of tests

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Executive coaching

Individual coaching is considered the efficient learning method in many organizations today. "Performance Coaching" focuses on performance improvement.

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