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Geschwill & Nieswandt

Executive coaching

For many of our clients, this form of training has become the training design of choice in recent years. Individual coaching is considered the efficient learning method in many organizations today. At the same time, there are many different approaches on the market, almost all of which are based exclusively on psychotherapeutic concepts. However, the usefulness of such methods for consulting in business is more than questionable. In the USA and Great Britain, "performance coaching" is the most common approach. This focuses particularly on aspects of performance improvement, with a clear distinction from therapy. We also follow this approach and work on the first three corporate levels.

Lateral management

Individual concepts for culture change in companies.
No matter how brilliantly a corporate strategy is formulated, if the corporate culture opposes it, it cannot be successfully implemented.

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The tool for measuring corporate culture. Freely adapted from Peter Drucker "Only what can be measured can be managed".

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Corona pulse measurement

Corona as Culture Boost. How do we bring people back together after the pandemic?

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Measuring peak performance with the PEAK-A battery of tests

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Seminars and workshops

With individual and scientifically based formats for excellent personnel development.

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"The door to paradise remains sealed by the Word Risk"
Niklas Luhman