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The challenges of the future working world are characterized by flexibility and innovation. This also applies to personnel development. Only an excellent training strategy helps to retain employees, to attract new talents and to keep them. The Denkwerkstatt for managers has sophisticated and scientifically based seminar and workshop formats that are always individualized.

The new management skills of US tech companies - Learn from the best!
In recent years, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and especially Alphabet have developed management skills that replace the classic management ideas of the 20th century, such as those of Peter Drucker and Friederund Malik. 20th century of Peter Drucker or Friedemund Malik. They provide answers to a changed way of working in business and society, especially after Corona.
Create competency models
The competency model is used by HR departments to precisely define job descriptions and requirement profiles.
Potential Cycles
With this seminar, participants evaluate their potential as a leader in specially developed exercises.
Dealing with difficult management situations
Executives spend most of their work time in meetings being troubleshooters.
For many of our clients, this form of training has become the training design of choice in recent years.
Psychology for managers
Business psychology has developed important contributions to successful management in a variety of experiments.
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Lateral management

Individual concepts for culture change in companies.
No matter how brilliantly a corporate strategy is formulated, if the corporate culture opposes it, it cannot be successfully implemented.

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The tool for measuring corporate culture. Freely adapted from Peter Drucker "Only what can be measured can be managed".

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Corona pulse measurement

Corona as Culture Boost. How do we bring people back together after the pandemic?

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Measuring peak performance with the PEAK-A battery of tests

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Executive coaching

Individual coaching is considered the efficient learning method in many organizations today. "Performance Coaching" focuses on performance improvement.

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"One should measure what can be measured, and that, what cannot be measured should be made measurable!"
Galileo Galilei