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Geschwill & Nieswandt

The New Management Skills of US Tech Companies"- Learning from the Best

In recent years, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and especially Alphabet have developed management skills that replace the classic 20th century management ideas of Peter Drucker or Friedemund Malik. They provide answers to a changed way of working in business and society, especially after Corona.

Goals of the trainings for managers
# Participants learn about the new skills and transfer the ideas to their own day-to-day management.

# Lead excellently or perish, the discourse on excellence in the U.S.

# The Meeting Culture at Amazon

# The Tim Cook's conversational style

# Different Thinkers into the Team: The Project Control of Steve Jobs

# Mental Fitness: The Day One Philosophy of Jeff Bezos and Alphabet's Search Inside Yourself Training.

# Motivation for High-Performance Teams: Objectives and Key Results (OKR).

# Strategically managing the team's success in the long term through ambidexterity.

# Implement Patty McCord's 124 slides on corporate culture on a beer mat at Netflix with your own team.
# And much more

The speakers
Dr. Roland Geschwill and Dr. Martina Nieswandt have been observing how large tech companies manage their leadership culture for years. In their book Lateral Management, they discuss leadership in 80 avant-garde companies

Appointment: 19.11.2021
The seminar takes place as Presence event will take place in the rooms of Denkwerkstatt for Managers in Mannheim. The number of participants is limited to 10 persons, so that an intensive discussion is possible. Participants must be vaccinated or recovered.

Conference fee: 1.250 EUR plus 19% VAT per participant

Registration directly at:
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