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Many things are measured in companies. However, measuring top performance still remains difficult. The uncertainties in dealing with the topic are sometimes too great. At the same time, however, managers at the top level in organizations today are looking for ways to specifically improve performance and group dynamics in top management.

Competitive sports do not know these problems: Success would be unthinkable without top performance. While it seems perfectly normal for a top athlete to have his or her performance permanently analyzed, performance measurement in top management is - let's say - "sensitive". Perhaps that is the reason why there has not been a single validated tool for measuring top performance in management to date.

In January 2020, Dr. Roland Geschwill, Managing Director and "Brain" of Denkwerkstatt für Manager in Mannheim, and Dr. Peter Görlich, a well-known football manager, met rather by chance. Two experts, one in top management, the other in top soccer. The two of them get into the topic of "top performance" and quickly agree - top managers could learn a lot from professional soccer: right-wrong decisions in stressful situations, the secret of the game-deciding dressing room speech, unerring talent scouting, ...

In the intensive exchange and creative interaction of Denkwerkstatt and managers from top sports, the PEAK-A - a brand new, scientifically evaluated method for measuring top performance in companies for the first time.

Evaluation and assessment procedures from competitive sports and management have been combined by Denkwerkstatt for managers together with renowned experts to create a unique measurement tool. Of course, there is a multitude of different procedures that measure performance - however, the majority of these procedures are based on an outdated idea of leadership and do not cover the entire necessary range for today's management.

The idea of PEAK-A: Collectively surveying and evaluating top performance on the four levels of "leadership competence," "motivation scale," "personality," and "language impact" represents a psychologically established and scientifically based approach to profiling top performers.

Perhaps top-class sports and top-class management are not so far apart. Let's just take the best of both worlds. With the PEAK-A battery of tests this is possible for the first time.


Battery of tests for measuring peak performance


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