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Corporate culture challenge: Bringing people back together after Corona!

Since March 2020, leadership and collaboration have changed dramatically in all organizations. Presence has become digital, small talk in the kitchen is a thing of the past, online winetastings have replaced company outings, meeting platforms are booming, and workdays (and nights) are meticulously scheduled. At first glance, this looks like desirable efficiency, but a second look reveals the other side of the coin. Longer screen-based working hours, increased work intensity, the number and length of meetings increase exponentially because talking in passing is no longer possible, homeschooling of children as a side show, lack of space, loneliness in isolation, an increasing number of mental illnesses among employees, scarce or enormously changed communication.

All of this leaves its mark on people, teams and therefore also on companies.

New working conditions create new demands

But that's not all: Various studies show that the willingness of employees to change jobs has increased enormously as a result of remote working. Whereas in some companies mobile working had a retention effect on employees, today it has become a matter of course. So why not change jobs? The shortage of skilled workers makes this situation all the more difficult for companies.

Now in 2022, companies will need to look closely at the following issues:

#What do I do to bring people and teams back together?

#What do we do to connect the remote -hybrid- and presence work models?

#What can leaders do to prepare for even greater challenges?

#What tool do you need?

#What is our cultural positioning to be an attractive employer?

Corona as a culture boost?

The pandemic is putting corporate cultures to the test. Mix models will be in demand, especially for managing presence and digital.

But a crisis also brings people together, which is a huge opportunity for employer branding.

Various studies show that a high number of employees feel a stronger team spirit and a higher appreciation of it. A more pronounced attachment to the company is also noticeable. These values show that employees have perhaps never been as receptive to words and deeds as they are at this time. It's not for nothing that well-known corporations are already introducing all kinds of measures to help employees recover.

Corona pulse measurement and NewWorkBox as a means to a precisely fitting catalog of measures

Now, as we all know, there is no one solution. When it comes to corporate culture, nothing "off the shelf" works. Every company has its own DNA, its own values, its own culture. So the question is "What has changed and how do I adapt the new circumstances to my corporate culture in order to be close to my employees?"

Unusual times require short-term action and proximity to the grass roots. Listening is the magic word. Communication becomes a milestone on the way out of the pandemic. Above all, there is a need for tools that can be given to managers.

The Denkwerkstatt has the Corona pulse measurement developed. This survey of employees is intended to serve as a basis for management decisions so that future actions and measures are targeted and appropriate. This mobilization of employees is about stabilizing and assuring the quality of the culture in the company. On the one hand, conducting the interviews gives the company the perspective of many and allows it to check its own perceptions. On the other hand, the pulse measurement is a brand-new tool to show that the company is aware of the enormous stresses and changes and together introduces suitable measures with the employees. The Denkwerkstatt NewWorkBox includes  individual tools that provide executives with tailored support for the new leadership requirements.
You can't really get more togetherness than that!