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Organization and intervention

Stefan Kühl, 2010

Organization and Intervention: Approaches for a Social Science Foundation of Organizational Consulting by Stefan Kühl, Rainer-Hampp-Verlag, 2010. To be honest, we have been fans of Stefan Kühl ever since we read his book "When the Monkeys Rule the Zoo" in the early 1990s. This book describes different consulting approaches and their effectiveness. Especially friends of the "systemic consulting approach" have to be quite brave while reading it. Stefan Kühl dissects this approach as simply non-existent and delimitable. After reading this book, many homepages will have to be rewritten. Also very worth reading his book on "Coaching". Stefan Kühl is certainly the legitimate intellectual descendant of Niklas Luhmann. However, with the exception that the "systemic" scene considers him a nest-destroyer. Following Ernst Bloch, it only remains to note here that the good thing about system theory is that it produces heretics.