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1 Measure peak performance

Top performance is performance. High performance. But what does "high" mean if we can't measure performance at all?

Together with experts from TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Denkwerkstatt für Manager has combined evaluation and assessment methods from competitive sports and management to create a unique measurement tool. The result is the Test battery of the PEAK-A. Of course, there are many different methods of measuring performance - however, the majority of these methods are based on an outdated idea of leadership and do not cover the entire range necessary for contemporary management. The PEAK-A already.

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2 Develop organizational culture

Culture change means many things:Change of perspective. Setting new standards with the power of diversity. Ideas to stand up to the competition in tomorrow's world. Above all, cultural change affects every individual in the company.

Diverse personalities are needed, who are unconventional, courageously try out new ideas and take on responsibility. This also means that classic leadership no longer works. It is being replaced by greater freedom, more responsibility for the individual, a changed error culture, knowledge sharing and the use of new technologies. Cultural change does not come "off the shelf," because every company is unique in its requirements. This is exactly how the Denkwerkstatt works.

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3 Qualify management

Leadership development in times of digital transformation is constantly changing. The requirements and challenges go hand in hand with cultural change.

Talents are there to be nurtured. Discovering potential, developing abilities - and respecting individuality in the process. Job profiles and processes will change, but people will be the focus more than ever. This is one of the most urgent management tasks: Developing excellent offers. The Denkwerkstatt supports you in this!

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4 Design communication

Digitization is changing people and companies. It not only changes the way we live and work, it also turns proven management processes and leadership styles upside down. A pandemic with all its challenges is a real catalyst. So how do we deal with it? Culture change means participation and communication. Internal communication means ensuring that employees are "on board" at all times, that absolute transparency is guaranteed. Strategy is one thing, implementation is another. That's why the field of communication is an integral part of Denkwerkstatt's cultural projects.

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Inspiration: Denkwerkstatt für Manager Impulses

Culture: Economic success and excellent organizational culture are siblings!

Corporate culture pays off. This is confirmed by the global study conducted by Heidrick Consulting 2021, which surveyed 500 CEOs around the world and came to the following concise conclusion: companies that want to grow and prosper should focus above all on a good corporate culture. A survey of 500 CEOs worldwide, including 50 from large German companies, shows: Companies whose bosses put corporate culture first [...]

Current: Corona as Culture Boost!

The pandemic is putting corporate cultures to the test. Established working from home will probably become "normal" even after the pandemic. On the other hand, people are social creatures, and almost no one wants to be permanently isolated working from home. Hybrid models will be in demand, especially for managing presence and digital. But a crisis also brings people together, and that [...]

Story: Here's what you can learn from Jeff Bezos....

Amazon is a corporation that many criticize. Little noticed are the management principles that Jeff Bezos introduced and that shape the company's culture. We first became aware of the importance of these ideas when we met a human resources manager from Amazon Germany. "Day One" states that every day when you start work, you [...]

Story: Online self-learning and the ignorant schoolmaster

The book The Ignorant Teacher by former Foucault assistant Jacques Rancière tells how well self-learning has worked before. Rancière recalls Jean Joseph Jacotot. Jacotot faced the problem of having to teach French at the University of Louvain in the early 19th century - without speaking Dutch. He had an ingenious idea at the time: [...]
"The door to paradise remains sealed by the Word Risk"
Niklas Luhman

Battery of tests for measuring peak performance


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