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David Ben-Gurion

We have a hard time with miracles. But we do wonder: How can "business as usual" be the right answer to all questions about the future? Why do we often only get a tired smile for "Made in Germany" instead of market power? Why do we want to be top, but not promote top performance? Why is it so difficult to see the obvious and do the obvious? How can it be that the call for thought leaders only brings out lateral thinkers? Why do we long for the old normality in the crisis - instead of a future full of fascinating innovations? One can only wonder - and ask oneself: Can only a miracle save us?

Denkwerkstatt Remarks - under this motto we have invited three wonderful discussion partners. Three innovative thinkers and successful doers. With Dr. Peter Görlich, Wolf Lotter and Dr. Thomas Sattelberger, we are not thinking about the crisis, but far beyond it. Other top-class workshop speakers will follow. Fireside chats without a fireplace, but with a camera. 


Denkwerkstatt Remarks: Dr. Peter Görlich

Top performance requires courage. We talk to Dr. Peter Görlich about what managers can learn from top athletes.

Denkwerkstatt Remarks: Wolf Lotter

Culture is what stands between us and change. Denkwerkstatt in conversation with Wolf Lotter, publicist and co-founder of brand eins - a german economic magazine.

Denkwerkstatt Remarks: Dr. Thomas Sattelberger

If you want leap innovation, you have to get enough disruptors in the executive suite. Denkwerkstatt in conversation with Thomas Sattelberger, Member of the German Bundestag, publicist, manager and politician.


Questioning and scrutinizing is in the DNA of the Denkwerkstatt. We do this a lot and with pleasure. We would like to share this with our readers.


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Think tank on stage! Small circle, explosive topics, lively discussions and good food!

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Knowledge compact: economic and social topics, tendencies, trends and developments in management consulting

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"The secret to success is to understand the other person's point of view."
Henry Ford