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Denkwerkstatt live! A small group of participants by personal invitation, keynote speeches on key topics, open and controversial discussions - since their launch in 2011, the Denkwerkstatt symposia for managers have become a fixed date in the annual planning for us and our customers.

Even more: The topics of the symposia are always red-hot, often ahead of their time. With keynote speeches followed by open talks, the format of the Denkwerkstatt symposia offers plenty of freedom for thought-provoking work. In these rounds, people like to discuss openly and controversially. Networking and a change of perspective characterize this event.

10th Symposium: Innovations in the Construction Industry
For the past ten years, Denkwerkstatt has held an annual symposium for managers with a select group of clients.
9th Symposium: Educational technology
In 2019, we met for the 9th time with representatives from business and politics for our traditional Denkwerkstatt Symposium.
8th Symposium: Gender Shift in Business
On April 21, 2018, the time had come again: The now 8th Denkwerkstatt for Managers Symposium took place at our premises in Mannheim.
Digitization in healthcare
Do you know what robo-rats are? In New York, brain researchers are fitting rats with brain electrodes to improve the rodents' power of concentration.
7. Symposium: messen & bewerten
On May 13, 2017, 20 innovative managers from business and administration met for the 7th symposium of the "Denkwerkstatt for Managers" in Mannheim.
6th Symposium: Lateral Management
Also the 6th symposium of the Denkwerkstatt for managers in Mannheim had it - like the events in the previous years - in itself...
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Denkwerkstatt Remarks

Workshop Words - under this motto, we regularly invite innovative guests who enjoy discussing business and society with us in a controversial way.

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Questioning and scrutinizing is in the DNA of the Denkwerkstatt. We do this a lot and with pleasure. We would like to share this with our readers.

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Knowledge compact: economic and social topics, tendencies, trends and developments in management consulting

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"Practice should be the result of reflection, not the other way around."
Hermann Hesse (1877-1962)