Denkwerkstatt für Manager

Geschwill & Nieswandt


Kevin Dutton, 2013

Psychopaths: What you can learn from saints, lawyers and serial killers by Kevin Dutton, dtv, 2013. Now we have the first SPIEGEL bestseller in our creative corner. Actually, everyone has always known it: management has something in common with psychopathic - if you'll pardon the expression - without the emotional outbursts of violence. The psychology professor has succeeded in writing an almost easy-to-read book about the state of research in this gray area of science. He first describes the research situation. In the process, reference is also made to various test procedures such as the Big Five. At the end, a comparison is made: Here the managers, there the psychopaths. Some of the book reviews on Amazon are particularly amusing. Some people really believe that gray areas can be described with scientific precision. It's fun to read, and when it goes well, it prompts the reader to think about his or her own behavior in some places.