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Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson, 2012

Steve Jobs - The Authorized Biography of the Apple Founder by Walter Isaacson, btb, 2012. Jobs never read this biography in full - but initiated it. Strange how that can be called authorized. Jobs' opponents are given a voice at length in the biography. It is an important piece of management literature that describes leadership in all its facets as an evolution from a social romantic hippie to a gifted innovator and founder of one of the most successful, international companies in the world. The eternal rebel, Bauhaus and Bob Dylan fan has published his credo in the book, to which nothing can be added. The Rebel: Think Different by Jobs & Clow. Hurray for the crazy. Here's to the nonconformists. The rebels. The troublemakers. The non-conformists. The lateral thinkers. They think nothing of iron laws. They are not willing to respect the status quo. You can quote them, contradict them, glorify them or demonize them. But you can't ignore them. Because they change the world. They drive humanity. Even if some think they are crazy, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they will change the world...are the ones who will.