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Thoughts are free. That's why we think into all directions when building our partner network: Business, culture, politics, music, marketing, law - a fascinating mix for inspiring thought processes!

Volker Zimmermann, NEOCOSMO GmbH, studied and earned his doctorate in business informatics in Saarbrücken. As founder and managing director of NEOCOSMO, he develops digital communication and education strategies for companies and supports their implementation. The goal is to integrate the digital workplace as an information hub in the company with knowledge and education solutions as well as mobile employee apps in the best possible way.

Sieer Angar, Managing Director and Partner of KÖNIGSWEGis one of the leading minds in AI. He accompanies companies through the transformation processes of digitalization and Industry 4.0. Behind KÖNIGSWEG is a team of consultants with extensive expertise in business strategy, information technology, business development, business transformation, finance/accounting and process management.

Hans Peter Theilig, THEILIG kommunikation, we got to know during the development of Denkwerkstatt für Manager. There are many "advertisers" - but few who dare to accompany real innovations. Hans-Peter Theilig is quite simply a concept and design ace.

Beinert & Partner Lawyers for Business regards itself as an elite law firm and offers advice in all areas of law. The company takes a model approach to organizational development, engaging knowledge workers at the highest level.

Carola Notzon, cc creation, is the right and left hand of Hans-Peter Theilig and watches over the fact that everything we do is wrapped in Denkwerkstatt design. 

Felix Kreitner, Managing Director of klickpark, and digital expert. Klickpark develops user-friendly websites and webshops, complex web applications, apps, progressive web apps, PIM solutions, and much more. 

Rainer Bopp, studied acting and singing in Paris and is, in our opinion, the best presence trainer in Germany.

Rainer Kern, Jazz & Culture, Mannheim & Heidelberg, founded Enjoy Jazz in 1991, one of the most successful jazz festivals in Heidelberg and Mannheim with currently more than 100 events. The festival annually takes place in the months of October / November.

Jens Thomas, singer, pianist, composer and inventor of impro-pop was born in Berlin in 1970. Jazz piano studies in Hamburg, international concert activity, numerous CD releases and awards. Currently, the "Jimi Hendrix of the grand piano" (Süddeutsche Zeitung) can be experienced on all German theater stages with actor Matthias Brandt ("Psycho", "Angst"). Since 2009 he works as a voice and performance coach in seminars and individual sessions.

"The door to paradise remains sealed by the Word Risk"
Niklas Luhman


Think, think ahead, rethink - act: The Denkwerkstatt brings thinking into action, ideas into implementation, potential to unfold

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In partnership. Controversial. Sustainable. Measurable. 

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Management consulting "with hand and foot" needs a clever head. Or several!

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Social commitment moves a lot. Our commitment goes far beyond mere sponsorship.

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