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20% of the company managers generate 80% of the value added!

"The best and the rest" - that was the title of the trade journal Personnel Psychology a few years ago. And the phenomenon of unevenly distributed value creation has changed little in recent years.

Change is a question of leadership. And change in leadership is a very special challenge. Every company is unique. Every person is unique. For an effective change process, we need change tools that are individual and unique, contemporary and excellent.

Denkwerkstatt's Upward-Feedback is one such tool.

The basis for this is the Google Model by Laszlo Bock, Google's former HR manager. Few companies have influenced us - in our professional and private lives - as much over the last 15 to 20 years as Google. We no longer "search" for information - we "Google." Google has changed the world - which is why we have thoroughly studied and analyzed the "change tools" of this company.

The attitudes and methods underlying human resources management at Google were outlined by Laszlo Bock in his book "Work Rules: How Google is changing the way we work and live" (2016).

Lazslo Bock's theses and image of man were fundamental for us in the development of the Denkwerkstatt Upward-Feedback.

The Denkwerkstatt Upward-Feedback

Lazslo Bock is a good foundation. We were able to build on that: In addition to the classic performance factors, factors such as "employee happiness" also come into play in our Upward-Feedback. Such "culture factors" do not appear in conventional feedback instruments. That's understandable, because "culture" can't be measured and - "what you can't measure, you can't manage," as Peter Drucker already knew.

However, scientific validation is indispensable for us as Denkwerkstatt. If we assume that corporate culture is crucial for change processes, then we need tools that make culture measurable. That is why we have developed the LCI® (Lateral Culture Index): a scientifically validated measurement tool for measuring culture.

And because every company is unique, the dimensions of the LCI® are individually tailored to the specific requirements together with the company.

The benchmarks of the Denkwerkstatt Upward-Feedback are:

  1. Measurement of performance (KPIs - Key Performance Indices) based on target agreements available in the organization
  2. Measuring employee satisfaction (KCI's - Key Cultural Indices) as a digital, team and person-based bottom-up assessment. This measurement takes place at regular intervals
  3. Individually created dimensions for measuring employee satisfaction. The dimensions are defined by a survey based on validated items.
  4. The LCI® developed by Denkwerkstatt serves as a measuring instrument with its individual dimensions

The Denkwerkstatt Upward-Feedback has now been implemented very successfully at a large number of well-known companies.


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"You can change the world or you can change yourself. The second is more difficult."
Mark Twain