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Develop organizational culture

Develop organizational culture

Organzizational culture pays off. This is confirmed by the global study by Heidrick Consulting 2021. 500 CEOs were surveyed. An excellent corporate culture and economic success are siblings.

Culture developments in companies are still the great adventures of our time. More happens there that is unplanned than planned. Anyone who gets involved in a cultural process will be surprised at what is possible in a company. You'll be amazed at what it means when people take responsibility. After all, the good solutions in a complex, digital world are worked out through discourse. As the great philosopher Hannah Arendt so beautifully put it, "Truth only comes in twos!"

Culture in transition 

Denkwerkstatt für Manager specializes in disruptive culture change in companies. Methodologically, we still learn with each client today, when we develop with him his cultural unique.
For companies, this means no longer starting with Adam and Eve of culture development, but already obtaining valid benchmarks for the start of a disruptive process. Denkwerkstatt has 10 years of experience in culture research in companies. Our clients can take advantage of that. Nevertheless, culture development in companies does not work like classic consulting: many consulting companies have consulting knowledge that needs to be implemented in companies. However, if they try to transfer successful corporate concepts to another company, they are very likely to fail. Without the courage to endure and shape disruptive processes, there will be no real change.

For our clients and their culture change projects, Denkwerkstatt is a process accelerator, a sparring partner. We are the ones who ask uncomfortable questions, who put our finger in the wound, we turn over every brick, bring people, teams, leadership together. We get specific, work out solutions. The social psychologist Kurt Lewin, whom we hold in high esteem, said that there is nothing more practical than a good theory. His culture change ideas are the benchmark we follow in our projects.

Lateral management as THE cultural target dimension in the 21st Century

 Culture change needs a basis and that is Lateral management. It means leadership at eye level. The responsibility of a few at the top is transferred to many heads in the organization. And that's not all: the dimensions of lateral management include innovativeness, room for maneuver and decision-making, conflict culture, willingness to take responsibility and independence, and transparency of goals.

As part of our research, we have looked around at many companies. We have accompanied a large number of culture change processes in companies. Each change and the corresponding concepts are tailored to the individual company.

Culture change needs tools

 Even the best tool is just a tool. It is only in use that the quality of the tool - and the qualification of the craftsman - becomes apparent. The Denkwerkstatt has the best hand tool that consulting knows. And what no one knows yet is newly developed.

In recent years, we have further developed the diagnostic tools around the Lateral Culture Index® (LCI®) and in particular the management performance measurement as designed by Lazlo Bock at Alphabet/Google. This results in tools that are not available in any other consulting portfolio. Tools like the LCI® or the PEAK-A. Ingenious tools that are never an end in themselves, but always a means to an end. And the end is the development of personality and potential - from the basics to peak performance.

Only those who can prove the success of the leadership culture in the company can win over employees and managers for change. With the Lateral Culture Index®, organzizational cultures can be compared - with evaluated successes.

Corporate management is increasingly being judged on its contribution to sustainability. To evaluate this, you need figures and people. More precisely: people data. Because the most important data of the future comes from people, and corporate culture plays a decisive role in this.

The Denkwerkstatt provides empirically evaluated and custom-fit instruments for measuring culture and top performance in companies.


LCI®: The tool for measuring organizational culture


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